Legislation creates three new Class A Parks in the Peace

VICTORIA – Legislation was introduced Thursday to establish three Class A parks in the Peace and transfer management authority for land of two other parks.

?I am very pleased to announce that these three protected areas are being converted into parks,? said Peace River South MLA Blair Lekstrom.

?The establishment of these parks will ensure that their sensitive ecosystems are protected. I?m pleased that we are able to transfer Sudeten Park to the Tomslake and District Recreation Commission. We?ve been working on that for quite some time and I am confident they will do a good job maintaining the park.?

?The three new parks will provide more options for local residents and visitors to get out and enjoy the tremendous natural beauty that the Peace offers,? says Richard Neufeld, MLA for Peace River North. ?I would like to applaud those who worked on the Fort St. John Land and Resource Management Plan for their efforts.?

Bill 15, the Miscellaneous Statutes Amendment Act, 2006 transfers three local protected areas established by order-in-council to Class A park status and places them in a schedule to the Protected Areas of BC Act.

The three new Class A parks are:

*Kiskatinaw River Park (154 hectares)

*Klin-se-za Park, also known as Twin Peaks (2,689 hectares)

*Sikanni Chief Canyon Park (4,641 hectares)

These amendments will also transfer the ownership of Sudeten Park to the Peace River Regional District to be managed by the Tomslake and District Recreation Commission. Six-hectare Kledo Creek Park, which has no ecological or recreational significance, will be removed from the parks system with the land returned to the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands for administration.

?We are building on our legacy of establishing 37 new parks since forming government in 2001 by adding four more,? said Environment Minister Barry Penner.