Lekstrom Applauds Orphan Well Cleanup

DAWSON CREEK – Today?s announcement of provincial funding to clean up orphan oil and gas wells is good news for the residents of Peace River South, says MLA Blair Lekstrom.

?The $1.6 million clean-up fund announced today will go towards permanently reclaiming 12 old well sites, many of which are located within my constituency. This is great news for local residents, especially the property owners who have been left with these derelict wells,? says Lekstrom, MLA for Peace River South. ?Some of these well sites are decades old. Our current oil and gas regulations ensure that companies are responsible for decommissioning non-producing sites, and that well sites can no longer be left to sit for years without being reclaimed.?

The wells being cleaned up were developed and later abandoned upon bankruptcy of the companies that owned them.

?I?ve heard from many constituents concerned about the environmental and economic effects of leaving these orphan wells in place,? says Lekstrom.

?I?m proud to be part of the government that takes on the task of cleaning up and decommissioning these long-abandoned wells.?