MLA Blair Lekstrom made the following statement in the Legislature today:

?It?s my pleasure today to stand and recognize a community in the riding of Peace River South that I represent that has had an extraordinary year, and I stand to speak of the village of Pouce Coupe. Some call it Pouce CoupĂ´Uand we accept both pronunciations in the Peace.

?This year was the 75th anniversary celebration of the village of Pouce Coupe. It was officially founded in 1932. The year was really and still continues?. It?s filled with events. There was a homecoming celebration that was hosted between June 29 and July 1 of this year, with a wine and cheese celebration, a street party, a pancake breakfast ? really and truly a small-town atmosphere that attracted many, many people back to the community that have been away for quite some time. It attracted, really, the people from the region and right across it.

?It culminated in the main event. Each and every year in Pouce Coupe we celebrate Canada day on July 1 with the great parade for the South Peace area, followed by a barbecue which literally thousands of people attend.

?Pouce Coupe is the gateway to British Columbia. Once you come across the Alberta-B.C. border on Highway 2, the first community that you hit is Pouce Coupe. It?s about 7 miles out of Dawson Creek and the home to many of our friends.

?We are a region that although vast in area?. We don?t have that many people up there on the east side of the Rocky Mountains. There are about 64,000 of us. Believe it or not, most people do know each other up there. It?s a great area. [DRAFT TRANSCRIPT ONLY]

?I want people to recognize that Pouce Coupe ? and I?m very proud to be their representative ? truly is the showcase for small communities across British Columbia. It shows what the people are about, what small communities can do. It really is heartening to know that we all work together in this province, from the smallest of communities such as Pouce Coupe, to the largest like Vancouver and Victoria. We know that we need each other to make a better province, and we continue to do that.

?I would like the House today to join me in wishing Pouce Coupe a happy 75th anniversary.?