Letter: Keep it in the ground

Our atmosphere is like a giant bath tub – with a plugged drain and filled to the brim with greenhouse gases.  And the spillage of gas from this tub is already breaking down our climate.

The biggest source of carbon dioxide comes from burning coal – it is overflowing our shared atmospheric bath tub and causing global warming and the breakdown of our climate which will devastate all human society.  This scientific fact is the elephant in the room, ignored by most politicians and some, not all, coal mine protesters.

Sure, local environmental impacts are legitimate issues; but they are relatively unimportant compared with the elephant of global warming about to swamp our society.  Recent flooding events around the world are just a start.

Fundamentally, the universe does not care about our society’s need for energy or steel or jobs.  If we continue to burn fossil fuels, the laws of physics and chemistry will rain climatic crap on the heads of my kids.  And yes, I am angry.

And yes, I do realize that the loss of both cheap energy and steel presents serious social and economic problems.  But, we can use non-fossil fuel sources of energy.  We can innovate new ways to make steel.

We must phase out the mining and export of coal if we want our kids to have good lives – see www.stopcoal.ca.

Peter Nix, environmental scientist, retired

Maple Bay, B.C.