Letter of Thanks to the Community

Dear Residents of Tumbler Ridge,

I would like to take a moment to say thank you for your kind support and patronage. I arrived in Tumbler Ridge in 1992 and was so impressed by the wonderful people here that I chose to make it my new home. When I began my business in 1998, I enjoyed well wishes and support from this community. It is with a certain measure of sadness that I leave my home and business in Tumbler Ridge to further my professional education. I have chosen to enhance my skills as a massage therapist and will be closing my doors for the next five years. I feel a strong attachment to my clients, my friends, and to this community. It was a difficult decision to make and, as I pack my things, I feel a sense of sadness intermingled with excitement over my latest opportunity for growth. I look forward to returning and helping people with my new knowledge and skills. Thank you once again, I value and appreciate the friendships I have formed here and will take cherished memories along in my heart.

Love Renata