Letter of Thanks to the Community

In the holiday season it is easy to get caught up in the bustle of the moment and lose track of the true meaning of Christmas. So it is with great appreciation we acknowledge the following for their constant willingness, support and generous efforts to ensure that 53 families within our Community were provided with a Christmas hamper. Thank you: Brian Sipe, Bernice Greengrass, Joanne Liebelt, Jerrilyn Schembri, Chris Raque, Lorna Gilfillan for being the official committee for their generous efforts and guiding us through this process. To Trends, Shop Easy, the Thrift Store we could not have done this without your organizational skills and administrative functions. We honor You the citizens of Tumbler Ridge from your acts of kindness came $3,500 in gifts and perishables through: T.R.Library-overdue fines, TR.Inn Xmas party, Fire truck drive around, Shop Easy non-perishable box, 49Forever Xmas party, Health Centre gift box, Liquor Store,

Ritas’ Soaps, Tim Hortons, Renatas, the Mormon and Baptist Churches, Loretta and Ellis Howard.

A special thank you: Gordon and Carol Rothwell and Ian for their generosity of prices and putting the resources of their Staff and supplies to the many extras that were needed. The District and the Firehall for undertaking the food drive and for providing a storage and assembly place, and the

3 dozen people who came out to prepare and deliver the hampers.

We were inspired and overwhelmed by the cash donations from individuals, families and the generosity of Tumbler Ridge Business’s: Light of the Rockies Lodge, Lakeview Credit Union, M.I.S.E.R.. Oilfield Maintenance, Shop Easy, ,Kodiak Ridge Construction. The phenomenal way the TR Clubs, Societies, Groups and Raffles united and provided us with so much hats off to you: Family Support Services, Lions’ Club, Royal Canadian Legion#286, Trump, Grad Class2004, Choral Society. Much appreciation goes to the following Corporations and Unions: Strata Corp. PGS35, 108SPeace Strata, CUPE Loca1 2979, Steelworkers of America Local 9113 we are proud that you are a part of our community!

The extraordinary gifts of cash we received from Regional Corporations and Business’s enabled us to make the hamper project possible, thanks for sharing: Tembec Industries, Talisman Energy Inc.,Garfield Chiropractic Corp., Peace Region Internet Society, Canadian Natural Resources Ltd., Westcoast Energy/Inc. Duke Energy. Because of the enormity of the involvement of so many in this undertaking, I may have forgot to mention the names of some who helped along the way for this I am truly sorry. The Spirit of Christmas is indeed thriving in Tumbler Ridge and thanks once again for making this years’ Christmas hamper project possible.