Letter to Mayor and Council

Council Meeting October 17, 2006

Due to the recent economic boom, Tumbler Ridge is experiencing a period unprecedented growth and opportunity. However, along with this growth comes the challenges and pressures associated to it. The RCMP are sensitive to the changing needs and expectations of the residents of Tumbler Ridge, and are striving to keep pace, in order to maintain excellence in our service delivery.

In order to enhance our operational capability, additional resources in the form of new officers, equipment, and office staff have been scheduled for deployment in Tumbler Ridge.

Unfortunately, the current Tumbler Ridge Detachment building does not possess the requisite office space and operational facilities to accommodate the anticipated increase in staff. In fact, the twenty five year old detachment building has been identified as inadequate for a number of years now, and has exceeded it?s life expectancy. Conducting our operations from an inadequate facility is a safety concern for our members, as well as office staff, and the acquisition of proper facilities is a priority for this detachment.

These concerns have been taken forward to RCMP North District Headquarters in Prince George. North District has advised that as much additional space will be supplied as is required, however due to budgetary constraints, this additional space will be supplied in the form of trailers.

Tumbler Ridge is a community that prides itself on the cleanliness and beauty of the town, and surrounding area. Frankly, it is felt that the addition of multiple trailers to Tumbler Ridge Detachment would be looked upon as an eye-sore, and would not be a positive contribution to the image of Tumbler Ridge.

North District has advised that if trailers are unacceptable, then there will be funding available for the lease of office space.

As a result, I am approaching the District of Tumbler Ridge to enter into discussions as to how we can work together to provide for a planned detachment expansion. The present options that we have for the expansion of the Detachment are not optimal. That is why I am seeking your support and guidance. This need is critical, however working in partnership will ensure that we can provide for the safety and security of the community.

I am requesting the District of Tumbler Ridge fund and build an addition to the present RCMP Detachment. The RCMP would then lease back the office space, providing cost recovery to the District.

Proper stewardship of tax payer dollars is an essential element of any government expenditure, and you have my commitment that all resources devoted to this project will go, first and foremost, to the needs of the community.

There will be a variety of considerations and issues that will need to be taken into account should the District of Tumbler Ridge choose to partner with Tumbler Ridge RCMP in this endeavor, and I look forward to working together to come up with a solution to our needs.

If you have any further questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact Cpl Peats at the Tumbler Ridge RCMP Detachment.

Yours Truly, (K. Z. PEATS), Cpl. Detachment Commander

Tumbler Ridge RCMP

cc: Mayor Michael Caisley, Councillors: Colledge, Holmlund, Hunter, Kirby, Sipe, and White. CAO – Mr. Lonny Miller CFO – Mr. Trevor Seibel