To the Editor,

It was with sadness as well as disgust that I read last week?s article on the 34 abused dogs that were apprehended by the S.P.C.A. What kind of human being (and I use that word loosely) would chain and starve innocent and defenseless animals.

This same individual only weeks ago made the front page of two newspapers commending him on all the hard work he had done to run sled dog races in Tumbler Ridge. Funding was given to this event by different businesses in town, as well as $2000 by the District of Tumbler Ridge. What a joke! I have nothing against properly and humanely run sled dog races, but I do have problems when they are run by someone who starves and neglects 34 of his own dogs. I am ashamed that something this atrocious happened in the town I call my home.

Although this article was disturbing to read, it is something we need to be aware of. People have choices, but animals unfortunately don?t. Please, please use this terrible incident as a reminder that you will watch out for animals and be their voice. Please report animal cruelty and neglect to the S.P.C.A.

Theresa Lehmann