Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The Seniors? Needs Committee hired a consultant from the University of Northern British Columbia. The individuals did a wonderful job and very quickly reported back to the Mayor?s Task Force.

One of the main themes was that communication is a big problem. Not everyone reads the paper every week and there is the common complaint that the information is sometimes after the fact. What is needed is an office with a phone, a computer, the internet, a copier and office supplies. This office would have an employee or employees funded by the District to be there to answer all questions about seniors? needs and needs of all persons. Do we need this? When I get a call on a Sunday asking me the phone number of TR Cares or for assistance with travel to another centre for medical reasons then I know that this is evidence that an individual is needed. The consultants indicated to me that rather than one individual full time, it might be preferable to have two half-time persons in order to avoid one person leaving the position and not having someone else who is trained to continue and train someone else.

The question is, ?Why is the Seniors? Needs Committee not creating such a position with an office that persons can walk into or that persons can phone and not receive an answering machine.? The worst thing in our lives is the answering machines or the ?press 1 for this, press 5 for this, etc.? We need a person(s) to do the communication that everyone has indicated is needed. Call 242-4242 and tell the mayor and his committee that this is what you need.

Unless you take action we will continue along our merry way not having this service.

Ellen Sager, producer of the Medical Travel Aid Booklets.