Letter to the Editor


Walter Beneski

Seattle, WA 98146


June 21, 2008

To the editor of THE TUMBLER RIDGE NEWS:

I enjoyed your article ?Shane Yellowbird at Grizfest August 2? about the fascinating life and rise to fame of Shane Yellowbird. I just would like to add a few things your readers may find interesting.

The article mentioned that Yellowbird, stricken with a severe stuttering problem, was told by his speech therapists to try to sing his words, leading him down the path to a singing career. Famed singer Carly Simon also stuttered and using singing as a means to break from her struggle speech. Simon is among the list of ?Famous People Who Stutter? on the website of The Stuttering Foundation (www.stutteringhelp.org).

It is obvious that Yellowbird?s experience with speech therapy was most positive. There are so many successful speech therapies out there. The Stuttering Foundation?s website has a national listing of qualified speech therapists in Canada, in addition to many books and DVDs on stuttering. Their toll-free number in Canada is 1-800-992-9392.

Western Canada should proud of Shane Yellowbird as he is on the brink of international stardom. More importantly, though, is that he is triumph over adversity is inspirational to young people facing challenges.


Walter Beneski

Seattle, Washington