In the wee hours of Wednesday morning criminals roamed free in Tumbler Ridge. Damage to one vehicle was reported to the RCMP at approximately 4:00 a.m. but the police chose not to respond.

For Grizfest we have extra police coverage and 24-hour policing. Perhaps Grizfest pays for the policing now. It didn?t a few years ago. However, Grizfest, I believe, is an event funded by our municipal government. As a result, it is our taxpayers? money that is spent policing for this event. When are we going to get 24-hour policing the other 362 days of the year?

The crimes which occurred on Wednesday morning included arson. The police were called. The police did not respond. Everyone in town knows there is no use calling the police overnight.

Cpl. Peats, at one of the public meetings, stated that if you had your vehicle stolen at night you need not call the police because they won?t come until the morning. Yes, what if? If the police had responded on Wednesday morning perhaps some of the damage done would have been prevented and it might even be possible that the criminal(s)/arsonist(s) would have been apprehended.

Ellen Sager

Tumbler Ridge