I am submitting this letter hoping to inform the public of a situation regarding P.A.L.S. (Pets & Loving Seniors).

Shirley Hanberg and I started this program for the residents of Tumbler Ridge with pets. We raise money to assist residents on fixed incomes with emergency vet costs; we also donate pet food to the local food bank as well as support the SPCA in Dawson Creek that service our area. We have funded this program 99 percent with refundable containers and also with the occasional barbecue & Grizfest venue.

Many merchants support and help us with our endeavors by donating empties or allowing us to put a receptacle for collection in their businesses. Many residents who drop off empties at our homes also support this. We have proper wooden bins at the Speiker Apartments for the residents to put their empties in, and this is where we are getting concerned, it seems on a regular basis someone is taking the contents and even when approached and asked by a town employee, stated that he was collecting for us, which is not true. Our main concern is that we depend on empties one hundred percent during the winter months for our fund raising and in just the past couple of months have paid vet bills for some residents amounting to several hundreds of dollars ? should this theft continue Shirley and I are afraid we may have to fade this program out. So to the people that steal the source of our funding, you are not hurting us but many residents that turn to us for help in a time of need for their pets. You are taking from the SPCA as well as the local food bank. I am hoping that this letter will make these people see common sense and how damaging this is.

Shirley and I are very proud of what we do and hope that we will be able to continue our work. We fill a need that falls through the cracks in our society and hope someone?s selfishness will not put an end to it.