Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The air is getting colder and the snow is falling. It’s at this time of year that the Wish Book begins to fall apart as the children start making their lists and begin to ask when the tree is going to get put up. This is not an article detailing the right timing for the set up of Christmas decorations or putting up the holiday tree, or whether it should be called a holiday tree or not. It is a call for help.

My name is Matthew Westergard and I am the coordinator of the Family Assistance Program. Every year we give out Christmas Hampers to people who are down on their luck or are in need of a helping hand, as we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to have a Merry Christmas, no matter what their economic situation is. It is for this reason that I am bringing these requests before the citizens of Tumbler Ridge.

The first thing that we request is for names of people who could use some assistance at this time of year. Not everyone who needs assistance will ask for it. And for that reason we are looking for names of people who could use a helping hand. There are applications around town which help us determine need and how we can best assist. They can be found at The TR Counselling Office, the bulletin board at Shop Easy, New Life Assembly, TR Fellowship Baptist Church, and Alpha Fire and Safety. Return completed applications to New Life Assembly (275 Murray Drive) by December 6, 2013 or call 242-7404 to talk to me about your application.

The second thing that we are requesting is for items that will be placed in the Christmas Hampers. Each Hamper is packed full of many delicious items, such as peanut butter, canned fruits and vegetables, soups, granola bars, pasta, chocolate, peanuts, etc. Pretty much anything that comes out of a pantry goes into a Hamper, and we are looking for help from the community in order to fill as many hampers as possible. On November 28 and December 7 from 10am-4pm, we are having a Food Drop at New Life Assembly in the basement. Look through your cupboards and grab a few items to donate to this wonderful cause. Drop them off during those times and have a coffee with us, while you watch the food pile up! If you have items to donate and are unable to drop them off at those times please put them in the box at Shop Easy or phone 242-7404 to arrange pick up.

I want to thank the community of Tumbler Ridge for your many years of support and want to thank you in advance for your continued support this year.

Merry Christmas!