Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I wanted to wait and see if anyone else had, let’s say reservations, regarding the plans for our golf course. Since the article on the golf course came out there have been several discussions with concerned former members.

That may be due to what happened with the last group to take over the operations of the course. They came and promised to listen to member concerns, improve food quality and turn the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club into a top notch facility. I guess it would be safe to say none of that happened and the group is no longer associated with the course.

We have people from out of town come to play here because it is a beautiful track, not because of food or the chance to see Alice Cooper. He does like to golf and is quite good by the way.

I for one think the course should come first, everything else can follow. The one thing no one seems to realize is the most important order of business should be to hire a greenskeeper. These people don’t just fall out of the sky either and are a rather rare commodity. Time is not our friend, someone should be ready to start early April.

After that bit of business is taken care of you can hire a pro which is a great idea for sure, we can all use some help with our game. Just remember the course was built by volunteers and the generosity of the mines supplying equipment so that people could enjoy the game of golf.


Bernie Lehmann