Letter to the Editor

I would like to comment on the people who commented on the Russ Mease heart attack.

I am very sorry about the incident. But I lived in Tumbler Ridge for 11years, and I had no problems with the people or the doctors and nurses.

When I had my stroke, it took about 10 minutes before I was loaded in the ambulance and taken to Dawson.

When my husband fell in the parking lot in front of the grocery store and the ambulance drivers had just left the cafe and saw him and they took him right to emergency.

All the people in Tumbler business were all on first names and they were very friendly. Dr. Helm was great and the nurses were so friendly and would go out of there way to help.

The only big problem we had was we needed a hospital there so that if some one was sick you could  always visit with the patients and support them.

I still  miss Tumbler, but my husband felt that he needed specialists and hospital. We never even made a full year before he died.

I would like to tell the people in Tumbler that I enjoyed  living  in Tumbler, but not enjoying the dogs.

Thanks so much.

Donna Gail German