Letter to the Editor

I would like to provide a shout out to some very special people that I had the pleasure of meeting the weekend of June third to the seventh of this year. All of them live and or work in Tumbler Ridge, British Columbia.

First of all I would like to thank Gladys at the Tourist Information Centre, who when I went in with a question needing a specialized service (a dog sitter for three hours), actually found someone who would do it, what a wonderful way to go over and above with customer service.

Thank you to Brendan and Dianna (sorry about spelling) for taking the time and effort to come out to camp and meet my dog and then to provide pickup and delivery the next day for him so that my family and I could do what we needed to do without worrying about him, paying it forward is such a wonderful way to live a life (I’ve been volunteering in many capacities since I was 13). Thank you to Frank, the caretaker at the Lions camp; when he found out I needed power to keep working while in camp he hooked me up, (this also ensured I had my breathing machine working each night, life is so much easier with a full night’s sleep).

Finally I wish to thank the people who made this whole weekend such a great experience; when they found out three months ago that this weekend was the birthdays of my son and second of his boys they started helping me to arrange a birthday celebration for my family while all I had to worry about was taking them camping for their birthdays and the weekend. Jim Kincaid thank you so very much for all your work and planning, Helen Kincaid for the fantastic birthday cake you made for my fellas; the staff of the Dinosaur Discovery Centre for providing tours and activities for my family (sorry I can’t name you all personally but you definitely deserve it), and finally the Spirit of the Peace Museum network for having the June meeting in Tumbler Ridge to start with.

Our experiences over the whole weekend were better than I could have imagined and I can’t remember the last time so many people came together to help relative strangers so much in such a short time. HATS OFF TO TUMBLER RIDGE. Be proud of yourselves and everything you do. Thank you again.


Janet Peterson