Letter to the Editor

On Friday Oct22/2004 there was a horrific accident on the highway going from Tumbler Ridge to Dawson Creek. The rumors I have been hearing around town are most deceptive. Do you people not know how badly you can damage someone in a small town like this by your speculations? If you were not a witness to the accident, then how do you know exactly what DID happen? Thank-GOD for all those who did came upon such a devastating event, for everyone (and I mean everyone) got out of their vehicles and helped those involved. However, the ones who really knew what happened are those persons either involved in the accident or who witnessed the accident. I have seen the results of rumors too many times, having lived in small towns all my life.

Rumors are started, and even officials some times speculate what may have happened. Could you imagine the horror of maybe being a soul survivor of such a devastating event and have you blamed, because of speculation on the cause of the accident. Please think before you speak, and speak only on what you know. Don?t speculate just to put the event together

After the way was cleared for traffic, the roads were still in bad shape, and caution should have been used. Most of you seeing what had happen still continued on as if you were driving in the Indy 500! SHAME ON YOU ALL!


You?re Conscience

Shelley Trecartin

Tumbler Ridge, BC