Letter to the Editor

Tumbler Ridge

February 17, 2005

I would like to thank Roachel for her letter to the editor regarding the location of the Family Park. If the residents? questions and concerns are not properly addressed, then the credibility of the project is in jeopardy.

Lighting ? lighting it is not part of the project. Daylight use of the park may reduce the noise concerns.

Location ? The major reason for selecting this location is that it is in the open and visible and offers the maximum in security and safety for all users.

The objective is to try to make the maximum use of the park. If one drives by the area across from TRSS (at the time of this letter), you will see ice and snow covering the ground as the area is well protected from the sun?s rays, whereas the location behind the community centre is in the open and totally clear and the youth could be using it right now. If the park were to be moved, then it has to be in the open and far enough away from trees to keep the surface clear of leaves and needles and to minimize the environmental impact on tree roots.

The plan is to set the park partially in the hollow at the corner of Monkman and Northgate. Being low, it will not obscure the view and will be out of sight of the residential homes. We want to attract tourists as well as residents and the spectacular view this location offers is one more reason for them to keep returning to Tumbler.

The present location is ideal for drainage as there is a drainage ditch adjacent to the proposed park. As costs were a consideration, particularly if features such as a toddler?s pool were installed, the economics to bring water to and remove runoff from the area are of major importance.

Further feedback from the residents will be greatly appreciated and addressed.

Larry White


Questions from resident(s)

(Q) What is or was the cost of the Dawson Creek skate park, and what is the anticipated usage? How would we compare?

(A) Dawson was $225,000 before final landscaping and associated paraphernalia. It?s about the same size. Our big expense will be transport of concrete!! For usage, the EDO did some calculations and with those figures made a good case for the Infrastructure grant. Impressive – on paper at least.

(Q) How many skate parks are in this region?

(A) Ft St. John, modular one in Chetwynd that nobody likes, Grand Prairie, and Dawson Creek.

(Q) How many small BC towns have an equivalent facility?

(A) If you check out Part 2, I think we discussed that in the article.

(Q) Are they all supported by their municipalities?

(A) Yes – to some extent.

(Q) What are their average costs?

(A) You can?t get much for under $200,000 – today?s dollars.

(Q) How do we compare to them?

(A) We?re attempting to go beyond just a skate park so the costs will be more. No one has ever used the fun track concept which I think is the most impressive component of the project, something that really sets us apart.

Larry White