Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

As part-time residents of Chamberlain Court we concur with the points raised by Roachelle LaPrairie in the February 16th issue of the Tumbler Ridge News.

We bought into the community 4 1/2 years ago with the express purpose of escaping the ?rat race? of Grande Prairie by seeking the relative peace and tranquility of TR. There are concerns that this largely (up until now) idyllic experience will be shattered by the sound of skateboard wheels rolling on concrete well into the darkness of a warm summer?s evening.

Tumbler is poised to enter a period of major economic resurgence which can be a good thing, albeit in proper measure; I?m not sure that the rapid growth experienced by Grande Prairie in recent years is the best way to go but is instead rather difficult to contain once momentum is in full gear. It would seem to me that proper planning of the proposed park(s) would include room to expand and combine with similar recreational uses (i.e. the developing area south of Tumbler Ridge Secondary). There is no residential development in this area at the moment and will likely not require development for this purpose for many many years to come.

The view west of town from the Community Centre at the corners of Northgate and Front are superb. Many are the time that walking down towards our residence at Monkman and Northgate that we feel so lucky to be able to enjoy ourselves in this picturesque community as much as we do. We feel that with this proposed development the view will be compromised to the point of spoiling the vista forever.

Hopefully it is not too late to select an alternative location.

Karen & Randy Repka

Chamberlain Court