Letter to the Editor

To: Tumbler Ridge News

From: Elaine Bambridge

Each Monday evening I keep in touch with TR via the Tumbler Ridge News site. One of my favorite parts of the on-line paper are the photos and articles relating to old friends and neighbours of ours. It?s exciting to see how kids have grown up and how some adults have grown out. I am especially thrilled to read about the Leadership Team at TRSS and all the wonderful events they are sponsoring in the name of ?School Spirit?. I?ve heard the Muffin Mornings are a major success. Way To Go!!

This week I was astounded by the letter in the opinion section of your paper denouncing the ?Gender Confusion Day?. Not only did this fellow manage to insult the Leadership Team members but he went on to bash the school and the parents of students in the school. Quite a feat in just a few short lines!

I think Mr. Bohnet needs to take off the blinders and become a little more tolerant of all people, not just George and his freedom of speech.

I just hope the members of the Leadership Team are not so offended by this slam that they decide not to continue scheduling events for the student body to participate in. Just keep in mind that you can?t please everybody!