If you happened to be listening to CBC radio on Monday (February 9), you may have heard a discussion about the fate of resource and company towns in rural B.C. Greg Halseth, from UNBC was featured, and, in short, Tumbler Ridge was the positive example. Mentioned were the facts that we have a working municipal government, the housing sale, the dinosaur finds and an innovative museum foundation, a value-added wood industry, and the Wilderness Lodge. What wasn?t mentioned was the news of the opening of the coal mines over the next few years, and the prosperity that will bring to our town.

If you are one of the families that chose to stay, as we did, when so many residents were leaving, it appears you have made the right choice. In many ways, our current situation is due to the diligence of our present and past Municipal Councils, and of course Mayor Iles. I would like to take this opportunity to extend my gratitude to Mayor and Council, because, as a result of their efforts on our behalf, Tumbler Ridge is alive and well!

Jill Mason, Tumbler Ridge, BC