Letter to the Editor

To Tumbler Ridge News

From: Gerald Bohnet

I?m not surprised at the number of replies to my original letter to the editor. The nature of our society is such that I really expected it, even though my right to speak out seems to be questioned by some. I?m reminded of the advice I was given once when asked how to have a lifelong happy marriage. The answer, ?learn to admit you?re wrong, even when you?re right.? I?m wondering if that might not apply here?

As so many of the respondents indicated in their letters, TR High School has a great bunch of kids and the Leadership Group is doing a heads up job. I have absolutely no doubt that is true. As a former teacher of over 40 years, I also know that students need good mentoring by responsible adults and that every decision made my students is not always the best decision, and of course, the same thing could be said of adults. That?s where responsible adults come in whether they be teachers or parents.

While I was chastised as labeling all the activities of Spirit Week as unacceptable, such was not the case. I took one very specific event, and only one, to make my point. At no time did I criticize the writer of the student article or the article itself. The fact is, there are some events and activities in our society that are, by there very nature, unacceptable. I can say this because history teaches us the long term consequences for such inappropriate actions and behavior. Of course this is true only so long as we wish to maintain a moral society.

To not speak out on certain issue is not a sign of tolerance, but rather one of resignation and defeatism in response to public outcry. I have no doubt that the vast majority of students and staff at TR High School are responsible, productive individuals. If my letter did nothing else but raise their awareness of public concerns by other individuals and groups in society about the ongoing onslaught against a moral society, then it served its purpose.

I wish nothing better then for the students and staff of TR High School to have a successful and meaningful educational experience, founded upon principles that will develop their intellect and character in the most positive way possible. GO TR!