Letter to the Editor

March 18, 2005

The Mayor and Council of Tumbler Ridge, in my opinion, have to get their priorities in order and start to earn the high increases in pay that our Mayor has recently received.

When we first came here, we were informed there were medical and dental facilities in this town as advertised in the brochure. We discovered after moving here that there was no dentist.

These government officials should realize that when people look to relocate to other areas, one of the FIRST things that they look at, is the availability of these services. They must also realize that in order to build the infrastructure of a town, that these services are imperative to build on.

Priority should be given to these services rather than skating rinks and skateboard parks.

It is very difficult to travel 200 kms. to use a dental service as is required in this town.

This mayor and council have just turned down a golden opportunity to have a dentist come here, and a very good dentist I may add, for the sake of $70,000.

I am appalled at this decision and believe that the health of the residents of this town are well worth the money. Much better than a skate board park that will cost over $200,000.

I ask these elected officials to reconsider their decision and bring a NECESSARY service into this town that will be very well received and appreciated by the adults and children, and to get their priorities straight.

Donald R. Burns,

RESIDENT of Tumbler Ridge