Letter To The Editor

BTK murderer Lives. The death penalty was not enacted until after the murders. Creepy. Have you seen him describe his acts?

Carla Homolka Walks. Bernardo Lives. Olson Lives. Vancouver pig farmer Lives. Edmonton serial killer will live.

The murderer of my 21-year old cousin served two years and Walked. Death penalty maybe? Wrongful convictions might occur.

Steven Truscott, I believe, was even sentenced to death. No innocent person should be executed. Statistics say the death penalty does not decrease the murder rate. However, did you see the picture of the 22-month old boy who was murdered in Ontario? An innocent boy beginning life. His murderer will Live. No death sentence.

Project forward to 40 killed in a terrorist bombing in the Toronto subway like London. The terrorists are found and convicted. No death penalty legislation. Why not two years and Walk?

Ellen Sager