Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

With deep regret and sadness we have lost the services of a dedicated, hardworking, innovated and tireless volunteer who has given many hours to various groups in our town. (Mainly the seniors centre.)

There are four groups that use Willow Hall. The seniors have over 100 paid members. The three other groups range from 15 to a few more and only use the hall about two hours once a week each.

Someone is dictating strange usage of the hall, like the placement of furniture, stacking very heavy chairs very high, (up to six feet or higher) and requiring the carrying out and setup of tables that are about eight feet long and very heavy for use during a meeting. After use these same tables must be taken down and put way. This task is impossible for seniors and ladies when using the hall. Also the computers etc. are to be kept under lock and key. These items like many others have been bought with donated monies and are meant to be available for use.

There also have been grants applied for and received to do Genealogy etc. This made a lot of people happy, tracing their background and heritage. Also there was help producing family books and translating books as well. Grant monies which have not been used yet will have to be returned as there is no one else to do this type of tedious and time consuming research and work.

There were also a lot of programs, crafts etc. held at Willow Hall for the benefit anyone from school children to adults in town who wished to attend. Also a very important aspect of this place was impromptu gathering of groups or individuals who are alone in life to hang out, have a coffee, play cards, do puzzles or just visit and have company for a little time during the day. This is very important for feeling you belong somewhere as you age and are alone.

Also there was a monthly newsletter that was very informative for seniors and others regarding what had happened and what was being planned for the future including the month’s schedule of events. This letter was spearheaded by Ellen!!

All in all this is a sad situation that some people have such negativity and yet have no adult solutions. This non-profit society is very valuable for our little community and is desperately needed at this time of uncertainty. Let’s hope all this turmoil can be resolved.

Our hats go off to Ellen Sager, Thank you, thank you, for all you have done and all the stress you have endured. Very much missed in more ways than one.


Seniors, Dick & Irene Lekei