Letter to the Editor

I sit here surrounded by my three dogs who make me angry at times but give me love all the time. Lots of love, care and enjoyment. I talk to them, walk with them, and love them.

I am sick of pet owners that get animals (most often puppies because they are so cute), put them on a chain and that in their existence. Usually in a confined space and live in their own feces. I would love to put all you owners that treat your animals like this on your own chains and say ?Welcome to my life?. If you cannot be responsible pet owners, then don?t have them.

We all like to show off our animals and that we have dogs but if you can?t let them be part of your life and you don?t have time for them don?t destroy their life. If you cannot be a loving, responsible human being to your pet the n don?t have one and let other people be subject to your ?cruelty.? Man?s best friend; they say that for a reason. It is a commitment for their lifetime and not a decision for a year or till you?re tired of taking care of your pet.