Letter to the Editor

Letter To The Editor;

During the early hours (1:30 AM) of August 14th, several teenagers awakened my dogs, which in turn woke my husband and I. These kids were drinking and very intoxicated walking along our street, as they exited Steeprock?s main gate they proceeded to smash and kick down a fence on one of Steeprock?s lots, now that follows several acts of vandalism lately in Steeprock.

I have two concerns regarding this issue. First, some of these kids appeared to be very young, the girls in the group were intoxicated and joined in with the destruction of this property along with what appeared to be their boyfriends. So parents of these youngsters, WHERE WERE YOU at 1:30 in the morning and did you know where your kids were. OBVIOUSLY NOT.

Second concern, some of our neighbors (adults) have been accused of fence vandalism recently. Well to those doing the accusing you?re not here during the nights. ?Driving? the parameter of Steeprock is not very good vigilance. Steeprock has become a place for some to hang out, party and drink during late hours, ? not all ? vandalize while hanging out in Steeprock, but the regulars know that there is a lot of common areas to hang out in without being bothered or seen. I have been told by residents on Fellers that they can hear people at different times hanging out in Steeprock partying late at night, this would also include the area where a large dog run(with no opening) was recently vandalized.

But seriously, some parents should start acting responsibility regarding the whereabouts of their children and make them accountable.

Lynn Way