It upset our volunteers a great deal to see this item. Firstly, we were NOT requesting funds for an entire year. We were requesting funds so we could reimburse two volunteers who went to the BC Hospice/Palliative Care Association conference in Richmond May 14-16. The conference costs were in the neighbourhood of $800 each.

These same volunteers will be delivering workshops in order to pass on what they have learned and to keep volunteer visitors up-to-date. This is part of the ongoing training of the 20 some volunteers.

In the minutes there is a reference to a conflict with TR Cares. Perhaps someone could tell me WHAT this conflict is?? TR Cares is separate society with their own visions and activities. We wish them well in their endeavours, BUT we are NOT associated with them. We do NOT conflict with them in any way.

Tumbler Ridge Hospice/Palliative Care Society is entirely run by Palliative Care volunteers who serve as visitor companions. We help terminal patients and their families, through respite for caregivers, companionship, grief support, and provision of equipment.

We do our own fundraising through support from our volunteers and the community. We also receive support for Palliative Care through public and private donations.

I am proud of our dedicated group of volunteers. Our volunteers are certified as palliative caregivers, and have successfully completed the required RCMP background check. These folks give a great deal of time and effort to assist the Society and our community.

Most families will experience life changing loss and trauma, and it is our role to make the transition during this struggle a little less difficult. We will continue to serve those families who need our support at a very traumatic time in their lives.

Respectfully submitted Ann M. Jewra

Volunteer Coordinator/ Director

Tumbler Ridge Hospice/Palliative Care Society

CC: Mayor and Council

District of Tumbler Ridge