Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

 I wanted to write and comment on the recent controversial topic between the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation and the citizens who wished the Community Center playground to remain in its present location. Everyone we knew seemed to take a position on the issue. The debate even made it to our dinner table on more than one occasion. It was an excellent topic to discuss with our children because both sides had very legitimate positions. We could not reach a consensus either and to our family it boiled down to a choice between progressive change or nostalgia. A very difficult decision to make on any issue.

 The recent decision by the TRMF to withdraw its proposal to move the playground and use the space for the Dinosaur Discovery gallery bears some scrutiny.

 As quoted in your publication the reason that the proposal was withdrawn was because, ?if pursued, would promote division? within our community. Further, your paper states the TRMF had as one of its original objectives of the project, the intent of uniting and benefiting our town.

 For the citizen volunteers who are involved in the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation to sacrifice their agenda to the betterment of the overall community speaks volumes of the quality of people there are within that group. This issue could very easily have turned into an all-out slug-fest. Instead, the prevailing and dominating factor recognized by the TRMF was to attempt to unite our community even further.

 The choice that the TRMF made says that the rest of the community must respond by supporting and becoming involved in the foundation. They have shown by their actions that they deserve nothing less than that.

 Signed, The Watt Family,

Jan, Rick, Karli, Braden & Joey