Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I have recently become aware that there might be a plan afoot to try and ban riverboats from the Murray River. Is this the case? The big question would be, Why?

Last summer I was fortunate enough to bring my family as well as two other families, 14 of us in all, to enjoy the beauty of the falls and to be tourists in your fine town. We spent a long weekend there, checking out the dinosaur trails, boating, golfing and exploring and had a trip that my children will never forget, and want to do again. I know this because I have been explaining to my five year old all winter that if the snow is on the ground, the boat has to stay home! Five year olds can be quite single minded when dinosaurs are involved!! Over the course of the weekend, we met great people from all over B.C., Alberta and two couples from Oregon that were there because of the pictures they had seen of Kinuso Falls. The pictures they saw of the falls came from a riverboat web site by the way! The two couples were on their way up the Alaska Highway, and made the detour to see the sights. I took these folks for a river trip up to the falls where they immediately fell in love with the area, and have been telling their friends that it is a must see detour. There was no accomodations available during our trip, so we ended up staying in our boats, but many a fine meal was had in town and all the supplies we needed were available through the local businesses. This trip cost my family about $900.00 alone, and my other friends spent probably the same amount if not more, good cash for the businesses we frequented. I would like to plan another trip like this, but would stay away if this boat ban proposal goes through.

For a period of more than a few years, tourists like ourselves, including snowmobilers, were looked upon as being welcome in Tumbler Ridge, as your local economy took such a hit when the mines shut down. Is it the case now that we are not welcome because good fortune has seen fit to re-open the mines, and oil and gas exploration is going gung ho? I do hope this is not a case of a couple of people trying to shut it down because of narrow-minded lobbying. With that scenario, everyone loses. What is the basis for this proposal, if there is one at all? I look forward to any replies on this matter as I?m booking my holidays for another trip if we are still welcome.

Brad Sandul

Operations Manager

Lyons Production Services Ltd.