Letter to the Editor

March 27, 2006

Letter to the Editor of Tumbler Ridge News:

Having just come from the weekly Prayer Canada citizens meeting at the Town Hall, may I address this message to the cowardly little creep(s) who smashed through the windows at the Galibois center and at the New Life Assembly Church building next door.The Salvation Army discovered it when they gathered for worship at Claude Galibois Sunday Morning!

If this window smashing had been done at a Synagogue Or Jewish Culture Center it would have been national news eclipsing the news report of Hedy Fry and her ?cross burning? in Prince George.

As a citizen of Tumbler Ridge whose wife was just buried a few weeks ago, the service from the Galibois Center, I take this vile vandalism as a personal assault upon our faith, family and citizenship rights.

As a member of the Tumbler Ridge Church, I view this outrage as a monstrous attack upon the person of our Lord Jesus Christ.

On behalf of the overwhelming majority who abhor such violence I call on the leadership of this Town to clear their throats and raise their voices to rouse the people to reject such hateful godlessness, and restore decency and civility to public life in Tumbler Ridge.


Ken Campbell

A Canadian grandparent and citizen who?s had it up to here with the barbarians at our gates!