Letter to the Editor,

On Wednesday, Aug. 9, 2006 an e-mail was sent to Town Hall to put before Mayor and Council. I do not know whether they considered this or not; however, I am sure they are aware of the situation. I also have indicated to them in a letter that there needs to be a crosswalk between the medical centre and the post office.

It is the Council?s decision to change these signs, not the RCMP. However, the RCMP was copied hoping that if they felt that these changes should be made, they might propose this to the Council.

The town?s argument for the playground sign on McKenzie is that the playground is still at the school and therefore the sign is needed. This is the explanation I received from the town office.

The report regarding the development of the downtown which is available at the town office outlines many changes to the downtown corridor and considers streets, signs and crosswalks. This may be an improvement; however, it appears that neither a pedestrian traffic study nor a vehicle traffic study was done to assist in the determination of signs, crosswalks, etc. Changes to save lives can be done.