Letter to the Editor

Many thanks to the people who supported my last letter to the editor, this is my second letter as these two items I feel are very important and are remote from the subjects of the first one. I am very disappointed that the present mayor and council have not continued with the commitment that was established with the Leadership group from Tumbler Ridge High School, the work and efforts made by these young people was outstanding and helped bridge the generation gap between municipal government and the youth in our community. So often we blame youth for community problems and here is a opportunity to focus on the positiveness of our youth in Tumbler Ridge.

Nearly a year has gone by since the election and I believe this Leadership group has not been invited back to town hall yet.

My second concern is regarding the help we received from surrounding communities during the evacuation of Tumbler Ridge, a lot of back slapping went on about how well our local reps performed and yes I believe deserved. But, a promise of a ?First Class? thank you was to be made by our town to thank these communities, so what gives, I hear barbecues were the thank you, where in some cases the hamburger flippers out numbered the attendance. How much did this cost us??? I feel a substantial thank you was in order – so why didn?t we do that – like a donation to the Regional Hospital in Dawson Creek, that serves ?all? communities that assisted us, not to mention a plaque would probably of been put in the entrance of the hospital for all to see for years to come. For all the monies spent on ?surveys? and ?open? meetings to get our concerns aired – this money could be better spent – as the answers are always nearly the same from the residents. Again, many people have told me that they agreed with my first letter, I know that some of you feel the same but just don?t know what to do, here is a suggestion to readers, if at ?any time? you read a letter to the editor that you agree on, cut it out and mail to town hall – isn?t that easy, that way town hall won?t think it?s just one person?s opinion.

In closing, to answer a question I am asked often, ?NO? I will not run in bi-election, if there is one, once was enough and besides don?t know if I could take rejection twice, trying to end this letter on a spark of humour because at the end of the day we have to laugh at ourselves, right.

Lynn Way