Coal fired power: I would like to thank the newspaper & Larry White for the information that has appeared in the newspaper on Jan 24 & 31. Especially in light of recent information on the news about global warming – the more information that we have available to us the better informed we will become. I really hope that we will be given more information about the AES Wapiti project preferably a public forum.

I feel that it is very likely that we will have coal-fired power and to me that is not necessarily a problem. I know that a coal-fired plant will impact the environment regardless, but let us impact it as little as possible. I just believe that whatever is done should be environmentally responsible. I think it would be nice to improve our economy and provide for employment in our area and I am sure that everyone would like that as well.

I just saw a documentary called ?An Inconvenient Truth? and it has really opened my eyes to the impact that mankind has had on the planet. It rather amazes me that after I saw the show – there has been so much on the news about global warming – just in the last week or so even. Global warming is no longer just the threat of a few scientists.

So let us get more information – let us in the area get some true facts about what the result of the plant would be – let us know who we can contact to gather information – give us the contact names of politicians that could influence what happens here – instead of just dealing with the now let us think of the the future impact –

Dawn Cooksley

Tumbler Ridge