Letter to the Editor

I, as a concerned citizen of Tumbler Ridge, have a problem with something I feel is being over looked by our Mayor and Town Councilors.

I hear and read many reports about decks and fences being erected on private property. Some I felt were all founded small decks extending about one foot over front cement steps with a small railing look great, and improve the looks of the property.

Where are these same rules regarding the Berlin Wall being built at the apartment buildings behind the townhouses on Spieker Avenue? This wall must also be a concern to citizens living in trailers in the crescent off Spieker and also to the ones living at Chamberlain Place. It looks very much like their back yard windows have a view of a six or seven foot high fence.

For four years now my husband has wheeled a lawn mower across the path by the tennis and basketball court, (off Chamberlain Crescent) over to the townhouses on west end of Spieker. He cuts grass there. He would cut the backyards and then go on to the roadway at the west end and do front yards. Now with the cement driveway being busted up and the seven foot high posts erected, there are only two solutions; walk two blocks (from west end at back alley, all the way to the east end, then back to the west end of Spieker, to cut front yards. Of course everyone towards the west end could just pull their mowers though their patio-doors, over front room rugs and the hallway. Then they?d be able to cut their front grass. I wonder if their quad, ski-do, boats and trailers might fit through there. Would you like to have to pull your lawn mower across your rugs every few days? I think not! As for putting a boat & trailer, quads or ski-do?s in your back yard it would be almost impossible. How could you hook on and get it out without knocking the back fence down? It?s a long way for people living at the west end to pull by hand now that they no longer can use the west end drive.

Do the owner?s who purchased the townhouses not have any rights? When bought, there were entryways at both ends of the property. I don?t believe residents were informed that these access roads could be cut off. If a fire broke out at back yard or backside of a west end townhouse, would fire trucks not have much better and quicker access if west drive was open. Any vehicles behind west townhouses or Spieker apartment would sure have fun getting out if a fire erupted in the middle townhouses. Hopefully everyone could get out one driveway if it?s not locked. Owners living at the west end may not get a vehicle out if the west end move back fence is also closed off. Lawyers could have a field day.

I wonder if tenants moving to apartments at Spieker realize that their children as well as the townhouse children cannot go out 100 yards to the playground. If a child should fall off a swing or slide parents can?t get to them without having to go all the way around. The pathway to school, the post-office and shopping are now a lot longer.

Yes, we all know about vandalism but we should not have to live behind high walls.

D. Mckenzie