Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Re: In support of Mr. Lonnie Miller

Recently an individual(s) put up some posters around the downtown core calling for the termination of the Town?s Chief Administrator Officer, Mr. Lonnie Miller. It was a despicable, insensitive and indefensible act that demonstrates the lack of cerebral capacity and lack of understanding that I would expect from such a pitiable individual(s).

As an elected official, I realize that people may speak out vehemently against my decisions and are fully within their rights to do so. However, this is not the case for our CAO or other District employees who do not serve in an elected capacity and should never be subject to such outrageous and disrespectful conduct.

Did you consider how Mr. Miller?s wife and family felt about seeing those posters? No, of course you didn?t. That would require you to demonstrate a modicum of compassion and to consider the good of the community ? abilities and considerations you are clearly bereft of.

Mr. Miller?s performance since coming to the DTR has been exemplary. He has recruited good staff and earned the trust and respect of his senior management team. He has insisted on proper process and due diligence and has, in short, done what we hired him to do. I suspect what really bothers you about Mr. Miller is that he won?t be bullied or pushed around – as you had hoped or would like.

For the most part, I am quite content to let people have their say without commenting or challenging them on their assertions. Democracy provides for a difference of opinion and I fully support that. What I do not support, and will not tolerate however, is someone using their ?freedom of speech? to denigrate and demean another individual. It?s sad, it?s pathetic and it?s unacceptable.

If anyone who put up these posters wants to debate me on the merits or Mr. Miller?s tenure with the District of Tumbler Ridge I would be pleased to oblige. Name the place, name the time, and bring it on. I doubt it would take long to expose you for the vindictive fraud you are.

If, on the other hand, you just want to abuse your rights and privileges as a Canadian to demean people and make yourself feel good by making other people feel bad, please feel free to drive back out on the road you used to come in on. The residents of Tumbler Ridge would be better served with your departure.


Michael Hunter, Councillor

District of Tumbler Ridge