Letter to the Editor

A lot of people in the north enjoy our summers camping and doing outdoor activities, because it seems quite far to drive for only two days of camping why not be a tourist in your own area. We did this and went to your community of Tumbler Ridge and camped at the local campground. Upon our arrival on Sunday morning a hot July 5 day our campsite is next door to folks who the generator running all day and into the supper time area. My husband put our generator outside to we could use as well (ours was not turned on until approx. 7pm)

Needless to say the neighbor picked our generator up from the ground and tossed our machine. Not only was this a surprise to us and the other campers we came with the person which tossed our generator then assaulted our camping companion throwing him to the ground. Our first day in Tumbler impressed NOT AT ALL Then if you can imagine we get the police to come and show what happened. The officer travels to the next campsite which was about 10 people in all they accused us of bothering them in the afternoon about the generator NOT TRUE. We spoke with the camp attendant at the collection time for the night we mentioned to him how loud this was to us as they were not at their site all afternoon he said I will speak to them. As you have figured out nothing happened the bottom line is the officer said the other campers were right and we were wrong!!!!!

Is it true if you are to camp in Tumbler Ridge and not BE FROM your community it is ok to be assaulted and asked to leave the campground! What a disgraceful park and know that I will be telling and have told many people of our experience in that week end and advertisement is what you have.

As for helping the lions in your community that will never happen.

Mary Ann Horrelt