Letter to the Editor

I have attended the last two grizzly festivals in your beautiful wilderness town. I can?t help but notice the police presence for a small northern town with only one small bar. Every trip I have made into Tumbler Ridge for Grizzly Days, there are RCMP cruisers on the highway checking incoming motorists and passenger for any infractions.

I know of several cases of young people having a can of beer in their hand and being arrested and put in jail overnight. If this is the way to get good public relations between the police and the general public – you are doing a wonderful job!

What I fail to understand is why your RCMP constable in charge of the local Detachment who was in attendance with a small child on his shoulders and witnessed in front of a family audience, two members of the band on center stage turning their backs to the audience and dropping their pants. They bent forward showing off their private parts for a considerable period of time.

Why this is acceptable to such a moralistic RCMP Officer is very puzzling to me. I am a father of eight and a grandfather of 32 children, many of who lived and grew up in Tumbler Ridge over the last 25 years.

Cliff LaPrairie

Whitehorse, Yukon