Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

My husband and I went to Beaverlodge, Alberta as we were going to the Jones Jamboree. This Jamboree is held on a big farm, and there are about three fields which people can use for campers and there are toilets throughout the fields.

This Jamboree is three days, you get free camping, there are 29 bands, they play all Country, and they play from 9:30 am until 9pm. There was close to 3,000 people there. There were all kinds of R.V?s and tents all over the place.

Next to the stage, there was a shade shelter, dance shed, food and ice cream booths, Seminars, CD tapes for sale, and horseshoes, trampoline and play grounds for the kids.

There was an ATV with a wagon on it so people didn?t have to walk, they can ride. All you pay for is the music which is $25 for an adult for three days.

Why can?t Grizfest change? We used to get a decent parade, this years was ok but there should have been the big trucks and more floats.

The admission was crazy. Seniors with a fixed income should have half to pay $20 for two days. Considering the music was horrible and so loud the bathroom walls rattled. Also there shouldn?t have been a cover charge for the beer garden. They are charging enough for a can of beer.

We?ve talked to quite a few people and even younger people didn?t like the music, or the prices.

Smarten up Tumbler.

A concerned senior, Donna German