Letter to The Editor:

This is a ?Heads Up? regarding a situation I recently became aware of involving the Alberta Medical System. Since so many people live here and have friends visit here from other provinces I feel this may prevent a similar situation happening to them. I use the Alberta situation, as this is what happened to my family personally and would think this could happen in other provinces as well.

My in-laws came for a visit July 6th from Medicine Hat, they arrived by bus to save the expenses and pressure of driving, they are in there seventies and eighties. On the 7th my father-in-law suffered a stroke and was taken by ambulance to the clinic here in Tumbler Ridge, where he was stabilized and transported to Dawson Creek Hospital. This was quite a shock for the family. My in-laws have Alberta Medical and Blue Cross with Extended Care, however he is still in Dawson Creek Hospital as the Alberta Government will not pay for his airvac back to his home in Medicine Hat for continuing care. After waiting two weeks, my husband has now driven his mom back to Medicine Hat to await the out come. My father-in-law has had the best of care form Dr.Helm, Dr. Helenar, the staff o f the clinic here in Tumbler Ridge and the Dawson Creek Hospital and our own Ambulance Crews. Not to mention that our local MLA Blair Lekstrom has also tried to help with this situation.

It would appear, according to the Province of Alberta, that my in-laws should of taken out extra coverage for such an emergency, this was not known by them, they thought that extended care covered this and didn?t think a visit into another Province changed their coverage. The airvac, we are told if paid for by us would range in the $20.000 bracket, of course were do not have that amount of money and will continue to try and get my father-in-law taken home to be with the rest of his family and close to his wife and home.

Again, I would like to thank Dr. Charles Helm, and Dawson Creek Hospital for all the great care and efforts being made to get my father-in-law home. Also, many thanks for all the calls of concern and get will wishes for my father-in-law from the people in Tumbler Ridge.

Lynn Way

With the above family crisis, was not able to respond as soon as I would like to regard Fireworks letter/remarks. ? Well Done Fire Department?- we should be thankful that a town this size still puts on one heck of a fireworks display, who cares if it was the evening before, quit complaining about everything in Tumbler Ridge- like a good friend of mine said ? if you are not happy here, the road that brought you in will take you out.?