Letter to the Editor

Many thanks to the community for helping make the Annual Grizfest Music Festival a success!!

On behalf of the Tumbler Ridge Days Society who is responsible for coordinating and implementing the annual Grizfest Music Festival, I would like to give the general public a brief outline of how many groups and organizations in our community benefit financially from the festival. The community as a whole benefits when the groups and organizations use the fundraising money to support worthwhile projects during the year.

TR Cares Society receives the funds collected from the sale of the wristbands to the beer gardens. TR Cares supply the much needed shuttle service that is required during the festival for designated driving. This year the group will receive $3,400,

The Graduating Class of 2008 receives $1000.00 for the monitoring services of the children?s games.

Lions of Tumbler Ridge benefited from two Pancake Breakfasts this year.

The TR Hospital Foundation raised a significant amount of money as a vendor on the grounds.

TR Pals raised money supplying a food service in the downtown core.

TRSS Travel Group raised money as a vendor on the grounds.

The society sponsored the Green Fools Theatre Group and Face Painting Workshops this past year, which enabled children and adults to participate in arts programs within the community.

┬ĚThe society has put in place the opportunity for a Grade 12 student who is continuing their education in the field of Arts & Culture a $1,000.00 scholarship. The student must apply by following the TR Days Society application criteria, which is available form the TRSS school councilor.

TR Days Society enjoys working with these groups and looks forward to offering fundraising opportunities that will benefit our community as a whole. Anyone group or organization wishing to fundraise during Grizfest please give us a call at 242-4246 and we will be happy to discuss your idea.

Cheryl Hayden

Grizfest Treasurer