Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

There is an increasing number of ex-cat ?owners? who have become so because they feel that their ex-pet is better served by living at the Grizzly Valley Saddle Club. They believe that Miss Meow would enhance our club by adding yet another mouser to our current bulging populace. I do think that people must assume that we are worse off than Hamlin, thinking that our mouse population would warrant that number of cats. I would like to advise the public that our present mouse population is unable sustain the current number of cats that are being dropped off. However, I am pleased to report that our fox population is seeing a healthy increase as their food source is becoming quite substantial. We quite enjoy seeing the bushy-tailed hunter around the Club; so, we do not need your cats for our mouse problem, but, if you wish to help us with the fox numbers, or if you would like to help us to attract the other carnivores to our area, then feel free to dispose of your felines at the Club grounds. As is the current practice, this is best done in the middle of the night when your contribution can remain anonymous and the cougars are on the prowl.

Larry White,

Grizzly Valley Saddle Club