Letter to the Editor

To all My Friends in TR

From the tables down at Vinnie?s

To the place where Eric dwells

In that dear old Tumbler Ridge

I love so Well.

My apologies to Rudy Vallee and The Wiffenpoof Song.

When we first came to TR it looked like it was ready for the bulldozer. Not too many lawns had been cut in a very long time, fences were falling down and for the most part, the houses were in an advanced state of disrepair. Lets not forget that the majority of the houses had cream siding and brown trim. That reminded me of a Pete Seeger song ?They were all made out of ticky-tacky and they all came out just the same?. We can?t thank Clay Iles enough for his part in saving this town from the trash heap.

I came up alone on the first trip and I couldn?t find a room at the Inn, but someone directed me to the base camp. It was reasonable, clean and the meals cooked by Fern Iles were delicious. Ruth and I came up here another four times before we finally bought and that?s where we stayed.ae

That?s when a lot of us seniors came in and bought a house at a reasonable rate. We all had to go through-Gary-Van Norman to buy our houses. Then we had to do a lot of the cleaning up and maintainance ourselves as there was a scarcity of tradesmen in town. Bob Curry must have been overwhelmed by the calls for help. We eventually got the lawns cut, some of the houses changed color, new shingles and in some cases built garages. I would go as far as to say ? we seniors saved this town?.

This town has a lot going for it. We do have a Shop Easy Grocery Store, Jade Hardware, Peoples Drug Store and even KC?s Furniture and Dollar Store. Don?t get me wrong we do have other businesses like restaurants, gas stations, a credit union and a golf course. Almost anything you need on a day to day basis is here. We certainly can?t forget our medical building. Where else in Canada can you phone up in the morning and get a doctor appontment the same day. An added bonus is the fact that we get the most of our lab tests and Xray results back the same day.

Now I?m not forgetting Capt. Kirk and the Enterprise. Excuse me that?s Cpl. Kurt and his enterprise our local cop shop. They keep us safe and sound in this far off galaxy named TR. Then there?s our other great public services the volunteer fire department and ambulance services. There are also many volunteer groups that do yeoman service for this town as well. You could look all over North America and I doubt if you?d find another small town as well served as this.

We have a lot of fond memories and good friends here that we hope to keep in touch with. Ruth and I won?t forget TR as we got married here, right in front of our own fireplace.

Well good people of TR, we?re moving out of town, but we?re not leaving TR. We?ll be taking it with us,?right here in our hearts?.

Tom and Ruth George