Letter to the Editor

Letter To The Editor

Well it seems to be getting close to that time of year again ?Christmas? and was thinking about how we would decorate our yard for the younger kids, but this evening that was decided for us. Around 1:30 this morning (Tuesday 11th) nearly all our solar lights from our yard were stolen they were mounted on our six-foot fence. My neighbors just recently put up a beautiful new fence, envy of many that drove by and put a nice finishing touch of ?coach like? style solar lights on every post, well theirs were taken also tonight. I found some of mine and a few of theirs, some broken in pieces. I spent next couple of hours looking for them while it was dark in case some were thrown into bushes.

So residents with solar lights in your yard may want to keep an eye on them. Over the years I have had hundreds of dollars in decorations, planters and garden items damaged or stolen here in Steeprock.

Some of the kids know that Steeprock is the place to hang out, drink, do drugs and continual vandalism as there are a lot of green areas and pathways where they cannot be seen and makes for good escape routes. Unfortunately this is a ?Strata? property with no manager living on the grounds, which makes some of us sitting ducks if you live on the route that some of these young people like to take early hours of the morning.

Would just like to add that should these vandals/thieves ever get caught, a letter of apology in the newspaper will not do it for us and secondly would like to know what the parents of these kids were doing at 1:30 ? 2:00 am while stealing. Looks like no yard decorations this Christmas. Looked really nice across the road with all those little lights on during the evening in my neighbor?s yard, what a shame.

Lynn Way, Tumbler Ridge