Letter to the Editor


When are we going to wake up and start CARING about what happens to and in our town? The vandalism and total lack of respect for property is unbelievable and it would appear that everyone shakes their head, says ?tsk tsk? and goes on with their day. I know I am going to alienate some people by writing this letter but too bad, I?ve heard and read enough about damage being done here and think it?s time we try getting it under control.

The mindset here seems to be ?don?t rock the boat. just take your paycheck (which is sizable) and keep out of sight. For a very short period of time we did have a bylaw enforcement officer who actually thought that bylaw enforcement was his job.

In this paper earlier this year I read that LaPrairie Crane had donated some trees to beautify the downtown core in honour of their 25th anniversary. I believe it was in the very same paper that there was an article on vandals doing major damage to trees, donated previously, in the downtown core.

I am a member of the Tumbler Ridge Golf and Country Club. On three different occasions that I am aware of, people have taken vehicles down late at night and had a joy ride on the course. One drove onto #8 fairway and greens doing damage to both. Unfortunately for him he didn?t leave it late enough and was spotted from the clubhouse. I understand he was apprehended and spent some time with the RCMP. The next just took a ride along one of the roads on the course where he had no business being and rolled his brand new truck. Aw gee, too bad. The most recent drove all over the ?Driving Range? (he obviously misunderstood the term) doing a lot of damage then, and get this, he drove off the cliff. The truck was discovered the following day resting against a tree with a skidoo in the back. Wonder of he?s noticed it?s missing yet?

On yet another occasion someone rented a golf cart from the course then took it out and started doing wheelies in the middle of the fairways causing damage to the cart and gouging big ruts in the fairways. WHY???? What possible fun could that be?

A few weeks ago there was a letter to the editor about solar lights being stolen and wrecked and I know lawn ornaments aren?t safe from late night predators.

When are we going to get mad enough to see that something is done to try and curb this? This town is not that big.

Yours very truly, Pat Fraser