Letter to the Editor

The Editor:

Below is a letter I submitted to ?Citizens For a Better TR?.


My question is about the ethics and the legality of this BLOG. A political forum such as Citizens for a Better TR has protected rights under The Constitution Act (Part I, Sec. 2). Anyone involved in a medium of information dissemination in Canada is exercising a fundamental constitutional right, the right to freedom of speech. However, a political forum in Canada cannot be a libel forum. Those who take liberty to exercise this right in terms of a public forum, such as this BLOG, must in addition take the trouble to be informed about the fact that in Canada certain laws, in order to protect the rights of individuals, forbid certain types of information dissemination under civil and criminal law. These are generally termed ?libel? and ?hate? laws. In particular, I refer you to the Criminal Code Section on Defamatory Libel, Section 298 (1), (2); and Section 299. These laws make both writing and publishing of certain types of material a criminal offense, and are punishable by maximums of two, and five years jail time.

It is crucial for people who contribute to and operate this BLOG to understand that nothing, including unsigned material, is secret, once a concern of this type against the BLOG goes to a criminal investigation. Identities of contributors cannot be kept secret, and can be easily detected.

Bede Fahey