Letter to the Editor: An open letter to the people of Tumbler Ridge

An open letter to the people of Tumbler Ridge:

Like you, I am very concerned about the rise of radical Islam around the world, which is most obvious in the rise of the Islamist State, or ISIS.

With the current liberal governments decision to allow 25 000 Syrian refugees into Canada, I had to look deep within myself of what I believe and how was I going to react, especially with all the different viewpoints coming from all the different news agencies and people including my Facebook news feed.

So after some investigation on Syria (where ten percent of the people are Christian) and knowing that Northern BC has been mentioned as a destination of the Syrian refugees, I asked myself, “Ok, Garret. There are five, or ten, or 20 refugees now living in Tumbler Ridge. What are you going to do?”

As a young man faced with these types of situations, I would have asked myself what would Jesus do? (WWJD) and that’s when I stopped complaining, criticizing, and pointing fingers.

It say nowhere in the bible that God helps those who help themselves (that was Sophocles; a Greek playwrite), but it does talk about God helping those who help others, so that’s where I’m at.

My hope is as a community we can get past our differences of opinion and really show kindness and love and mercy to those that may show up and stay awhile.

Yes, many are hurting in the current job situation, some even losing their houses, etc. But we can’t change the powers that be and what may come, so it’s time the church and everyone step up and show their true character. I mean, complaining and worrying will not change what’s coming. I saw today a post, “I hope the refugees play hockey, lol”. Would it not be cool to show them how?

Ask yourself, “What am I going to do?” Me? I have some books coming in the Syrian language.

God Bless.