Letter to the Editor: Mayor Responds re volunteers

Dear residents of Tumbler Ridge. I wanted to start by thanking everyone for their concern throughout my treatment. I am though the major part of it and happily on the road to recovery.

I also wanted to speak about how much the volunteer groups in our community have done. Tumbler Ridge is steadily building a secondary tourism industry that has seen visitation numbers at our VIC increase by 400 percent since 2013 and continues to grow. Much of what has driven tourists to Tumbler Ridge has been built by volunteers.

Dr. Helm and the Wolverine Nordic Society have built uncountable trails in and around Tumbler Ridge. The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation discovered some of the most exciting finds in the world and together they have pushed Tumbler Ridge to become the second Geopark in North America.

Throughout the countless efforts these and other groups have put in, the District has been a silent partner helping where we could: helping with the construction of a new Visitor Centre, sponsoring the inaugural Geopark event, promoting the Geopark and Museum to the Provincial Government, and recently arraigning for a picnic table, with a generous donation from Ridge Rotors, to be placed along the bald spot trail.

Every year Council must weigh the requests we get from the community and decide how best to use taxpayer money. Next year will be no different. Our financial plan only shows what money has already been committed and, just like last year, we will get new requests in that we will consider.

Our Council is committed to making and maintaining Tumbler Ridge as one of the most beautiful communities in Canada. This cannot be done without the help of our volunteers and community groups and we are forever grateful for the work they have done and are continuing to do.

Don McPherson, Mayor