Letter to the Editor: Mutiny on Mt. OLympus

Thank you for the feature article in last week’s paper. I am very proud of the young actors and tech crew that make up the KodiACTS, and feel like this year’s show, Mutiny On Mt, Olympus was, overall, a wonderful performance. There were a couple of things said in the article that I wanted to address, however.

First, Poseidon was played by Cody Hansen, not Cody Henderson. (The latter was ‘Ares’ the god of war.)

Also, I’m not sure if ‘Aphrodite’ was misquoted or if there was really some confusion about what constitutes a script… Her quote, “It isn’t so much a script as suggestions…” is incorrect. There indeed was a script—60 pages worth written by myself, which the actors were expected to follow. The fact that some ‘extra’ improvisational lines seem to get added is something I don’t mind as long as it serves a purpose, (to move the scene forward if someone forgets a line etc.) but I take exception to the implication that the play is merely a string of improvised scenes based on loose suggestions. It is not.

Along these lines, there were a couple of instances of improvisation that were not appropriate and I wish to offer my sincerest apologies to anyone in the audience who may have been offended. It is something I have addressed with students and it won’t be happening again.


Tracy Krauss, TRSS Drama