Letter to the Editor: Pedestrians

A few weeks ago you wrote an editorial about drivers not being safe enough around town with respect to pedestrians.

This morning as I headed out the highway just after 5am I saw a runner headed back to town on my side. The only way I saw him was that I glimpsed his gloves which were a bit lighter than his very dark clothing.

I have had people suddenly veer and step out in front of me to cross the street without looking, whether they were in a crosswalk or not, and often in black clothing at night.

I also hike along the highway and BC is notorious for having narrow road shoulders with steep slopes where you can easily twist an ankle, so I get why joggers use the edge of the pavement. I do not understand anyone stepping into the road without looking first, daylight or not.

In an industrial town like ours reflective solutions abound, at all prices. You can pick up cheap stickers or bands for around a dollar or get a more expensive vest.

Pedestrians, PLEASE help us drivers out with this! A tiny reflective something can save your life or limb and I won’t have to carry the guilt of having hurt you for the rest of my life. You are NOT as visible as you think you are.

Roegan Lloydd